Christmas Desserts You Can Make At Home

Goes great with eggnog coffee!
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” i want to introduce you to joyce and richard soza, with frosted delights. this is actually a newer place in the downtown area that one of our production friends alerted us to and they said you have some really good stuff at the shop. tell me how you came to be out there. >> i just recently retired in june from working full-time with at&t and i’ve been doing cakes christi for many years, and we made cakes there. >> and richard, what are you doing? >> i’m one of the barista’s there. >> and you brought some soaf, coffee this morning and it’s delicious! we do have a couple of pictures to show up so you get an idea of what you’re looking for when you head for frosted delights. they are a coffee shop but you also do weddings and cakes and cupcakes for special occasions? >> yes, we do all types of special cake we have all right started decorating for



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