Chris & Emma Velardi In The Kitchen

Tortilla Pizza’s
kitchen. >>w knew members of our news channel eight family were so talented in the kitchen. this time it is chris velardi and his daughter, emma. welcome miss emma and chris. you are not really this tall. can i show people? here we go. >> you have to come up. you wouldn’t be able to see her. we have a platform for her. how old are you now? >> four. >> what are we making today >> tortilla pizas. >> that’s all right. we got it. we will clean your dress. >> you are all set. >> get dirty in the kitchen every now and then. ingredients. >> this is great. something you can make with your kids and something you can make for your kids or adults, depending on the ingredients that you use. we will make a couple of different kinds, right ema >> what kinds? >> cheese and barbecue – >> and shrimp pesto. >> your favorite, right? > which is your favorite? >> shrimp pesto. >> really. >> do you love to co



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