Chowder With Candied Sage

Jason Dady prepares a unique chowder that will impress your guests for Christmas
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we are back in the kitchen with chef jason and you showed us a beet appetizer earlier and now you’re going to show us a delicious winter soup — >> a chowder. >> what is the difference. >> a chowder is heavier. >> that is what it says in the dictionary! >> and we have one that is easy to do at home, no problem. everyone can do this. first take some squash and roast it. >> anything? >> you can use pumpkin, acorn squash, and the butter nut is great. >> and you put it in a baking dish. >> 350 with a bit of butter and just roast. the great thing about the butter nut is it has the next which is a little bit easier to deal with. >> just take off the skin. >> cut these into little chunks and you can tell i cooked this to where it’s soft but not mush. and so we’ll just dice this quickly, just a little bit. put this — >> again, you roasted the butter nut



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