Chowder Chefs

Shawn talks to chefs at the Chowder Festival
them with ketchum and — ketchup and not chowder. >> you should be glad they cleared the scene, because they would be angry. danielle and vince, thank you so much. the whole great chowder cookoff, there’s a whole bunch of food here, but it’s all about at the end of the day, it’s about the chowder. we have eric, he’s here from cedar key, florida, you’re from a restaurant called tony’s cedar key, clam chowder restaurant restaurant. now are you sir? >> i’m fantastic. >> here is michael, he is from michael’s seafood restaurant in carolina beach, north carolina. and also mike, he is from waterman grill, in providence, rhode island. hello. >> good. how are you today? >> i have to say, there was a lot of rhode islanders around here, they’re being polite and chap and do the hometown thing. we’re going to get it started. there are three categories of chowder voted on, the collapse, the seafood an



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