Chopped Salad And Roasted Chicken

We’re cooking Chopped Salad and Roasted Chicken with Rue De L’Espoir.
of food, we’re going to take it over to the kitchen with patrick. >> we are with twillow,ow she s is from rue de l’ espoir. you have a chopped salad and roasted chicken. tell us about llit. >> it’s roost chicken, it’s a, murray’s natural raised chicken breast, with toasted spice rub, root vegetable mash finished with fresh sage.th >> oh my goodness. that sounds outstanding. tell me about whabot the meaning of rue de del ‘espoir,. >> it means m street off hope. we are celebrating cra our 35th birthday. we are opening aop third location, baker’s street ruere, and we ll ll be openi ng the middle of february. >> so we’ll be celebrating with you this morning on “the rhodeng show.” looking forward to tryingfo this.ry find the recipe and ingredients on line as always at foxprovidence. com. busy day on “the rhode show” this morning. let’s send it back over to you. >> you’re not kidding, patrick.



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