Chopped Champions’ Return For Heated Five-Week Event

Amanda Freitag / Chopped JudgenThe first round of competition heats up when the chefs open their appetizer round baskets to find Rocky Mountain oysters.
It is a competition fit for champions. The food network hit show “chopped” Is competing for the largest prize per day. $50,000. Here to dish the details is a judge chef amanda freitag. Welcome to the blend, chef amanda.nnGood morning, carley. How are you?nnGood. Good morning. Very excited about the premiere of this show. In case people missed it last night, tell us a little bit about what we can expect this season.nnThis season is going to be so exciting and we are kicking off chopped champions. Five weks, chop chopped champions are coming back to compete for $50,000 not the normal $10,000 prize. It is all winers and they compete for the bigest prize we have given away. None of these contestants know what it is like to be choped and the heat is on.nnYou are chopped. That’s when you are let go.nnExactly.nnYou basically get a bunch of random ingredients and you have to make something fanta



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