“Chopped Champions”

They are chopping their way to championship glory! Previous winners of the Food Network’s hit series “Chopped” are competing for $50,000 and bragging rights! Amanda Freitag, one of the judges of “Chopped Champions”, joined Shawn via satellite to talk about this season!
>> shawn: they’re chopping their way to glory on the food network. competing for $50,000. joining us is top judge amanda fry freitag. >> this is getting more exciting each week. i’m excited to see who the final winner is. i know, but you don’t. >> shawn: there was a reality thing. it’s all in the can but we don’t know. five seasons of chops has occurred and it’s a battle of the best. explain the tournament. all the winners? >> it’s all the winners. so you have 16 contestants who are going to — who have no idea what it’s like to be chopped. only one person will become a champion again. so it’s really exciting. stakes are super high, the level of cooking is higher and as judges, we’re expecting so much more from these guys. we’ve seen what they can do. they’ve been in the kitchen already, so we want to see what they’re all about and made of. >> shawn: the pressure is high, especially cons



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