The first round of competition heats up when the chefs open their appetizer round baskets to find Rocky Mountain oysters. Then, in the entrée round, one chef gets nervous about cooking fish and another makes a costly mistake. Creative juices flow when the remaining two include candy bars and potatoes in a dessert, but only one chef advances.nnChopped
>>> even if you can’t find your way around the kitchen chances are you love a good cooking show. lucky for you chop champions appears on the food network. amanda freitag joins us, she’s a judge on the show. thanks for being with us today. >> hi, ann. >> how you doing? >> great, how are you? >> doing well. so tell us about chop champions, what can we expect from the competitors? >> top champion series is going to be the most intense five weeks of chop you’ve ever seen. these are 16 contestants who have already won and they’re coming back to compete for $50,000. this is five times what they competed for initially. and none of these contestants have ever lost. none of them have ever been chopped. so this is a whole different ball game for them. and as judges, we’re expecting a lot more. we want to see what they’ve got. they’ve been in these kitchens before and they really have to bring it t



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