Chocolate Toffee Cake

house of embers in wisconsin dells shows us how they make their chocolate toffee cake.
cake. wow. >> hi. we have our famous english chocolate toffee cake. i baked it already to speed it up. we’re going to cut it in half. hopes to have a really long knife. and this cake is a very moist cake, almost like a brownie. and what we’re going to fill it with is chocolate ganobody. ganobody is chocolate and heavy cream. gonosh. and yohave to let it get just to the right temperature. if it’s too warm, it will be thick like this. then i’ve got more chilled ganosh in a ping bag. this little table is called a turn table a lot of pastry chefs use that. makes life easy. put a running around this. that way the caramel, this is home made caramel sauce. and english toffee, it will stay in the cake and actually float into the cake as it sits there. do another layer. and i usually have to work this fast too. my brother is always watching me and he has to work fast to keep our labor costs low.



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