Chocolate Thin Mint Pizza Supreme

We’re creating three tasty treats using Girl Scout Cookies and the recipes from Troop 362 and Troop 587.
? >> what time is that, ladies? >> cookie time. >> who do we have right here. >> elizabeth. >> what’s your favorite cookie? >> peanut butter patties. >> you r. >> carly. >> and your favorite cookieit is? >> carmel delights. ts >> and you, little girl scouts.sc >> peanut butter patties. >> we are cooking with the thin mints though this morning, right? >> yeah. >> we ar we managing the best pizza i have er heard of in my life. li tell me what it is.t >> it’s thin mints supreme pizza. >> thin mint supreme pizza andiz not only that, it starts wittah more cookie. e.how does it stadort, wrthat is this here. >> it’s cookie dough and you have to take 18 ounces of cookie dough and you to spread it across the pizza pan, 16-inch pizza pan. a >> ok. i always like that, 18 ounces of cookie in a 16-ounce pizza pan, you know something good isng goingd to ham. you spread itad all out and then what? ?>>



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