Chocolate Thanks-A-Lot Éclair

We’re creating three tasty treats using Girl Scout Cookies and the recipes from Troop 362 and Troop 587.
and better every year, vince, what e, have you got in the yot kitchen?? >> i have a bunch of girl scouts with me. isn’t that great. it’s girl scoutou season, we have all kind of girl scout cookies.oo i like the thin t mints. what’s your favorite. >> peanut p butter patties. >> carmel delights. c gh >> we’re going to go this way left the introduce yourself. >> i’m brooke,ro and i’m from bellingham, massachusetts. >> what troop? >> 587. >> i’m julia and from bellingham,ments, troop 587.7. >> julia, we have to pump you up, get excitedte and ind i assume a e it’s mom. >> i’m ginger, product manager for the girl scouts. >> we are going to do something different, we’re not just going to take the cookies out of the box. ladies, tell us what wary going do do. >> we’ree’ making thanks-a-lot chocolate eclaires and this isnds the finished one. >> maybe if rick can get over here and give us a shot o



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