Chocolate Soup

chocolate soup recipe
about chocolate soup? yeah! you’re into chocolate, you like soup, this is a fun one. rebecca is here, a pastry chef lives in new york, originally from oshkosh. we love it when she comes to visit. >> very nice, yeah. >> she brings all sortsof fun, different ideas. chocolate coupe,-soup, snril. >> of course, you have healthy soup for dinner and you want dessert, why not stick with a soup theme. >> i’m all good with it. >> this is easy, i don’t bake i, you know that. >> all we’re doing, heating up our whole milk, which be should be pretty much there. we’re going to pretty much dump in a bunch of stuf, stir it together and throw it into a bowl, it’s awesome. >> that’s my kind of recipe. we’ve got warm nailg we didn’t boil but just got nice and hot. >> yes. we do have two types of chocolate, ci semisweet and bittersweet to give it that complex flavor, a little bit of sweet and a little bit of



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