Chocolate Pate

The Bee and Thistle Inn whips up chocolate pate.
ahbout a great recipe for chocolate pate. t >> tell me more. >> reneen from the bee & thistle inn andan spa is back. good to have you. you are always welcome when you bring chocolate. >> we’re definitely chocolate lovers on this show. >> this is easy. five ingredients. s. i think the recipe is going to be posted. i will show you what i’ already done which is heated some cream. >> is >>that just straight heavy cream? >> heavy cream and six ounces of butter in there belted and adding amaretto and vanilla. this is beautiful belgian chocolate. >> how did you know that? >> i know my chocolate. >> a pro. i will put these ingredients in here. >> while it is warm. >> i pour it in while it is warm. >> and quickly beat it up. >> you want help beatinga it up. have you seen this chocolate? i hope she leav ses that. >> that is what we use. one thing about this recipe is to really use a high-equal



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