Chocolate Gingerbread House

chocolate house by julie sizemore
in appleton. back in the kitchen with julie size more. we’re going to make genjure breed houses. they’re going to take better and easier to make. >> amen, sister. >> this is the cutest idea. i think i’m going to do this this season, a chocolate gingerbread house in a kit. you sell the kits and take us through it. they’re under $25. great gift idea. so you can bake in the oven with it or what i did today was molded sugar in it. sorry, we’re molding chocolate. >> i understand. so you can do the cookie, actual gingerbread if you want. i love the idea of doing a chocolate house. i premolded some pieces and it’s as simple as filling the cavity, and chilling it, and then popping it out when it’s cool. all the details go into the mold. i did our fronts and sides, chocolate, and then i did white chocolate for the roof to look like a snow covered. >> cute! and theseolds, you can use over and over



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