Chocolate Drizzle Biscotti

We’re in the kitchen with Shannon McClure from Twist Biscotti Company, cooking Chocolate Drizzle Biscotti.
glad it’s goni’e.ad >> let’s head over to the kitchen right now.t patrick,ic what do you have going on? >> we have biscos going on. thanks foror coming on the show. i have news nor you, i had y a lot to eat this weekend and i a know i’m noti’ alone, but i didn’t think i could squeeze one more of these into my big round belly, but i’m making room. tell me about theab t process, how h you make theke bisco t i. >> it is a twice baked cookie from italy, wely shape it into a loaf, come,af slice it up and i a break it again so they’re nice and crispy. >> flour, sugar, cocoa c powder, i see somee eggs, this is something even a guy like me co luld make. >> they’ re ver y t easy actually. >> you different kinds. you’re not making a plainla old biscotti.ot >> we covered them in white, semi sweet or dark chocolate. we put all kinds of toppings on to them. em >> let met move this over here, i usuall



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