Chocolate-Covered Caramel Popcorn Balls

We’re making Chocolate-Covered Caramel Popcorn Balls with Garrison Confections in The Rhode Show kitchen.
thank you so much, courtney. i’m going to go buy g a digital camera right now. vince is innc the kitchenit withit chocolates. >> >> i just had a nice sliver of chocolate. chef andrew shot, good to meet you. how are you? >> i’m doing wonderful.on >> tell everybody where you’reboheou from. >> providence. >> the name of the shop. >> garrison’s confections. my kitchen is in central falls.en >> what do you hav we e here?e? >> we’re going to make basicallyas ly a chocolate caramel popcornop ball, and we’re going to t start off withof some popcorn, we haveco chocole, brown sugar, white sugar, a little bit oftl butter and some peanuts and of course, chocolate. >> now, from what i understand, you’ve written some books, you’ve been doing this for quite some time, you’ve beenve around, you’ve been on then food network, tell me about your experience nc with some o sf these. he >> well, it’s been qu



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