Chocolate Coffee Filet Mignon

filet mignon
recipe that will complete your patio party. >> it’s a beautiful day outside. we’re grilling outside with the twice-baked twins. i’m here at the grill, and where are they? finally. where are you ladies been? >> oh, rhiannon, i’m sory. >> what are we making? tell us about the wonderful recipe. >> a crusted filet mignon. absolutely wonderful. what could be better than beef and chocolate? stuffing beef with chocolate. >> we’ll put a little piece of chocolate into the beef. >> what’s the trick? >> it’s going to be crusted in salt quite a bit, so we are more or less tenderizing, not marinating. we’ll tenderize your 15 minutes, let it sit. then we’ll wash it, pat it dry. >> is that important that it’s completely dry? >> yes. you have to pa pat it dry. >> we have thre al ready. >> thank you. that’s a nice cut of bef right there. >> isn’t that beautiful? >> we make a little incision. >> just a li



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