Chocolate Cake With Pumpkin Mousse

We’re baking Chocolate Cake with Pumpkin Mousse with Chef Jennifer Luxmore of Sin Desserts.
islan d. >> we’re going to the kitchen where vince is nc making a sinful treat. >> i am definitely making a sinful treat. i’m with general heen ferichs, in is fantastic. temperature us exactly whatct you’re going to make. >> we’re going to make a chocolate cake and film the chocolate cake with a pumpkin mousse and if you don’t want to make the chocolate cake, t che pumpkin mousse is stillus a greatat dessert. t.you can put at ginger snapgena cookieoo on it and serve it in a brandy glass. >> so a chocolate cake with a pumpkin mousse, this is going tong be fantastic. f tell us about the teingredients we wehave. >> for thehe cake, we have some s brown sugarbr and cocoa, and then th we have butter and milk, sour cream andan eggs, and your flournd rand baking soda. >> correct.or >> for the pumpkin mousse, we have pumpkin, cream and sugar, which i’ve alreadyh heated and now has to coolha and t



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