Chili Soup

viewer makes chili soup recipe
this. >> all right. there you go. your corn bread recipe, on our website. time for another chili recipe now. i’m really excited, this is darlene, drove all the way from escan naba. she is one mean cook. >> i try to be. >> so nice to meet you. >> i watch your show whenever i can. >> i know you’re a busy gal. i appreciate that. i’m excited. we’re making chili soup. never had it before. >> people say chili, not having mac ropei, but most of the people put some type of macreasoni, so that’s what we have. i use the vegetable juice with the tomato sauce instead of the chunk tomatoes. a lighter flavor. but lots of heat. >> sounds absolutely wonderful. and something different, too. first thing, we’re going to our pasta into the boiling water. you said any kind? >> any kind. >> elbow macaroni. now we better get to work on browning our ground beef, how much? >> i’m using a pound. >> darlene was te



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