Chili Gumbo Showdown

chili gumbo showdown
buds. it’s about keeping the memory of a medical student alive. fox ten news reporter april douglas has the story. jamie caudill is the first person in her family to receive a bachelors degree, go to medical school and the first person ever to receive the regan robinson scholarship. “although i was excited to have this scholarship it is hard to have it, because i know regan’s family had to lose her. so it is hard to have absolute joy.” medical student regan robinson young was just months away from graduation when she died of cancer. her fellow classmates set up the scholarship in her honor. the med students host a gumbo chilli showdown to raise money for the scholarship. “really our goal is for regan’s scholarship to get as largge as possible. we would love to see it become a full year tution worth. we want every student that comes to usa to know her story.” those who knew regan says she



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