Chico Fire Sees Increase In Stove Fires

Chico Fire sees increase in stove fires
as college students move out and start living on their own… there’s a lot to learn… and that includes life skills… like cooking… but sometimes that first attempt to cook on their own ends in a fire. krcr news channel 7’s taylor torregano talked to firefighters about this today she’s live in our chico newsroom with helpful tips. taylor? good evening allison.. chico fire tells me it’s only a matter of seconds between cooking dinner on your typical night.. and flames erupting in your kitchen. if you’re not an experienced cooker.. fire crews suggest only using low heat. it’s also important to have a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen.. just in case a fire does ignite. this is just one recent example of a home that was completely destroyed when the owner left his food unattended on the stove. chico fire says if you are cooking.. do not leave to do something else “when there are



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