Chicken With Sage And Asparagus

Recipe from The Inn at Villa Bianca
to check out the inn at villa bianca, they have experiences you will remember for a lifetime. welcome back, chef tony. welcome back, chef. >> thank you for having me. >> setthis up, everybody. you’ve brought — you’re goin over word in a good way, you’re making two dishes. >> sure. >> we’re really earning something today. >> what are you making? >> fresh chicken with dried sage and fresh, makes a differences and apar gus asparagus parmesan with a twist. >> you want to marinade it >> fresh lemon, white wine. keep the skin on, i pefer with the skin on because it gives it nice flavor. >> how much oli oil are we using? >> just olive oil, just a drip, but any other olive oil is good because the oil doesn’t burn too quickly. so you let it nice golden brown. >> how long do you want to cok that? >> about one or two minutes. >> okay. and we have some ingredients. >> salt and pepper. when you get



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