Chicken With Homemade BBQ Sauce

Chicken with homemade barbeque sauce
classic. what are we making today? >> bar becued chicken. >> how do we get started? >> we start with sauce. in this pot we have a little buttermilk here. we have some really finely diced onions. add that in. chopped garlic. >> garlic. just cook those? >> just so they are soft. you don’t want to color them. we’re just trying to soften them up. then we have salt. >> is that kosher salt? >> it is. crushed red pepper. some chile powder for flavor. this is paprika. we’re getting allhe heat from the crushed red pepper. smells delicious. pour in some water. and we’re going to pour in some cider vinegar. >> what’s this? >> molasses. >> i love that. t that gives it a lot of body. >> body an flavor. >> so simple! it feels like a lot of ingredients but it’s really add, add, stir. >> exactly. this reall pantry ingredients. worcestershire sauce. brown sugar. tomato paste. this will really thicken it



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