Chicken Vegetable Soup

We’re in the kitchen with Dr. Kracoff cooking Chicken Vegetable Soup.
here. vince, what are you making in the kitcthhen?he >> i have some fantastic chiccken soup and it’s the kind of chicken soup, you heardea the th campbell’s soup commercial, eats like a meal, but it’s going to be really, really ly healthy. let’s meet dr. gary — dr. garyar kracoff. >> we’re putti ng in a lot of deep colored vegetables, we have scallions, red pepper, sweet potato, and the spices,es it’s fresh tarragon,n, basil, parsley. >> chicken. >> chicken, onions, garlic, all the things that help pools the immune system, give you have flavors, antioxidants. >> now give me an idea why you picked, quickly, why you picked these vegetables, because there au are many other e c ohoices you hocould have gone with. >> there’s a lot of them. one from the onion family and the garlic, it’s been provenee to lp b oost the immunooe system. second, colors areco a very, very pleasing. the richer the



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