Chicken Spanikopita

We’re cooking Chicken Spanikopita with Chef Rob Bono of Ardeo Restaurant.
e alwaysth coming through. . thanks so much,o c,ourt. let’s go over to the kitchen. patrick? >> this is rob bono to ardeord restaurant, this is a typical restaurant, it’s where the raphaels used to be u and this morning, rob — this smells really good and you haven’tav even started cooking anythingyt yet. what do you have? >> i>> have a spanikopita, which is filo dough,do feta cheese aetnd garlic. rl typically it’s made with onion. we use feta cheese, we kill it with herb s. >> kill i t ilwith herbers. what does spanikopita mean? >> i’m all right with that.h it’s greek and turkish in origin, it’s a layered like casserole with filo and feta and spinach. you can use gearlic, youar can use pretty muchuc anywhere onwh the spectrum . >> all right. looking forward tofo pud tting this dish together. nice to meet you. we’ll be back in a couple minutes and as always, find the recipe on line at fo



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