Chicken Soup Goes High-Tech

Lots of liquids and rest are important during times of illness, but there are new gadgets to improve wellness in the winter. Doctor and mom, Jennifer Trachtenberg, show us four gadgets that will get you through cold and flu season.
>>> welcome nots scientifically proven but we know a bowl of chicken soup makes us feel better wn we are sick. a tried and true home remedy i think everybody would swe by. >> i do, too. >> there are great gadgets out there designeto impro the wellness of your home all together. let’s take look at what those are. >> hi. i am dr. jennifer tractenberg. kids get 5 to 9 colds a yea besides icken soup there are gadgets to help them feel better. i have partnered with some of these devices to give parents tips to improved comfort in the home. >>> my first tip is humid fiction. it is important to get moisture into the air. this — by using humidifier this can help your child sleep better by easing sore throats, congestion and it is recommended by the american academy of pediatric as well. >> i tell my patient to look r newer technology vick’s germ free humidifier. it eliminates 99.9% of mold and



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