Chicken Rosemarino

The Singing Chef prepares Chicken Rosemarino
>> it is time to sit back andk relax, you’re having lunch withha >> turning an acidentc into success, that is what one author has done with hisw life. after suffering a back injury in town, martin petry, rtaet formerr expert tre climber, found a new passion, wriioting.w what started with one bok turned into two and then three and now he completed the hard justice trilogy. here t o tell us the story about ab hard justice trilogy is the author, martin petry. welcome to the show. it is great to have. >> thank you foyru having me, it is a is pleasure tloa be here. >> such a gentleman. your first book was called violation, second book is pergination and the n third booko leads us to the hard justice trilogy. >> that’s correct. ha >> st.et that up for ourt or viewers. >> well, our characters are defined very interestingly in the book without any type of character definition. sam is the fellow



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