Chicken Pesto

Recipe from the Sound School.
chicken for lunch, a break from tater tots, a cr has,nge for the school aftoler they grew the basil used in the pesto. thank you for being here. tim,new haven really revamping school lunches, no soda no fried foods, real chicken,i real potatoes, not just in an efort to get healthy but to keep kid what is? >> where the food comes from. this is real basil, real parsley, we serve mashed potatoes wipoth potatoes, we get them out of thet bag, we wash them and mash them. >> real food, not ptrocessedes food. >> we do have someo procesed foods because we’re taking baby steps but we want a good e fort to get real foord into then schools. >> and they were able to garden this sumer. what was that like? >> it was a really good experience. you get to learn where your fod comes from, how you grow if and other exciting thr ings. >> you’ve done it a couple years. >> yes. >> and some schools have their o



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