Chicken Panini

recipe from the daily buzz
>> yep. secret’s out on that. the aurora day care cafeteria. other place downtown green bay, the daily buzz and here to talk about what they do there, they make amazing sandwiches, great place to stop for lunch, trish. good morning. >> good morning! >> i was in the other day. wonderful coffee. kind of a comfy cozy atmosphere. do you is to wi-fi, too? >> we do. >> i love to support downtown businesses, sometimes you’re there for the theater or for business, and i love — all of your sandwiches, pini’s, tell me wt one we’re making today. >> today we’re making the washington. we have different isn’t pini’s. today it’s going to be chicken pesto. >> correlates with the presidents and streets downtown which is fun. whoever came up with that, that was a good idea. you’re doing this in the restaurant, caramelizing onions, so you were saying butter? >> butter, some — cook the onions. >> you use



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