Chicken Francese With Polenta

Chicken Francese with Polenta
you can chat live with us. we will put some on air. >> you get extra credit for being here this morning. it probably would have been a beautiful morning to go surfing. you’ll give folks a sneak preview of what will be on the menu. >> this will be doing in prino. will have wild mushrooms — we will have wild mushrooms and will have shallots and garlic and reduce it with some wine. then we will do some chicken and i will flour thtem. em. >> i have some questions about polenta and what it is. all of the ingredients are listed for you at thehamptonroadsshow.com. we also put them on the screen. you can go to thehamptonroadsshow.com. we will have cannolis. >> yes, for dessert. >> we will piped a cannoli. it will be a morning of firsts. >> first we will start sauteing mushrooms. i have cleaned the mushrooms. you have to clean them and just using a damp towel. you do not want to wash them or the



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