Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

From the Breeden family
>> welcome back to our annual holiday recipe show, we are back in the kitchen with producer laura and john breeden and baby john, and it’s good to see you and glad that you brought the baby. does he like to cook? >> he likes to watch us cook. >> how old? >> five months. >> look at you, so cute. can i hold him while you work? >> i heard a little pip squeak, and so we’ll see. >> and will you come here? >> he may. >> and so what are you making today? >> chicken cordon bleu. >> and how did this happen? >> this summer, i was pregnant and john was cooking every night and i was looking through a cook book and i was like we need something new. >> and so you stumbled on the chicken cordon bleu. >> and is it from the betty crocker cook book? >> it’s better homes and gardens. >> i love that cook book, and there are easy recipes in there. >> yes, and it’s like what four ingredients? >> it’s easy. >>



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