Chicken Chardonnay

recipe from eagle waters resort
chicken chardonnay. it’s one of our staples on our menu, it’s been with us quite a while. so let’s get started. we’ll start with a six-ounce boneless, skinless chicken breast and season it up with a little salt and pepperment then we dredge it in the flour. a little clarified buter in our pan. make sure it’s hot enough. it’s starting to smoke a little bit, so it’s at the right temperature. we’ll just stick the chicken breast in and let it brown a little bit on each side. two or thre minutes for that. it’s been a couple minutes, and it’s getting nice and brown. so we’ll flip it over and let it brown a little bit on the other side. then we’ll take another minute or two for that. all right, so walnut to saute the chicken breasts in a clarified buter. it’s a butter that you get on the stove, you melt it down and then you take al the whey and salt out of it so all you have is a nice oil here.



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