Chicken Capri

We’re cooking Chicken Capri in The Rhode Show kitchen.
into the kitchen, what’s cooking today.ok >> we’re here with luigi’s, with luanne, how is everything on this columbus day.ay >> everything is>> wonderful. >> we have a little italiano. i >> we a lotot of tailano going on at luigi’s. >> tell us. >> we’re doing our signature dish, chicken capri, and it’s a recipe availab le toci a number of our customers andst readers at the journal, so we have put p all the ingredients together to show you how to execute this dish. di ofof course, we have fre hsh boneless chicken. >> now is that i chicken pounded down a little bit? >> it’s been filleted.ll >> finally leveling latedin out, opened up, so it will cook evenly, you don’t have one thicker on one skeide than theth other, flour to dredgedr in, chickenke stock, a fresh chicken stock that we make ourselves atlv luigi’s, which can takeak hours, but you can also substitute that with a good store boug



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