Chicken Burrito & Mango Tango Margarita

We’re in the kitchen cooking a Pulled Chicken Burrito & Mango Tango Margarita with Chef Rich Reitman from Cactus Grille.
a — save you a spot. rich from the cactusac grille. you have burritos, talks about what goes into the sandwich. >> than we’re doing a pulled chicken burrito. b our rice, means, our pinto beans, shredded cheese, mozzarella and cheddar jack mix. and baja sauce. >> where’s the burrito. >> it’ s off to the side. >> i’m not very savvy in the kitchen, but i’mut looking around for the tomb burrito parurt. on your menu, the burrito, i assume that’s aha popular dispuh. >> this is very popular. ar we have about seven different varieties of what you can fill the burrito with . >> you make themma all? a >> i do not no. i make them i not professional.fe >> it is a simple dish to make. >> absolutely. ut >> looking forward to throwing this together. rich from the cactus grille, find the press peon line at foxprovidence.com. >> this morning, we continuing our series, coffee withh the candidates. helpin



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