Chicken Breadsticks

Chicken Breadsticks
>> it is chicken week on good things utah, stacey springer got the memo that we need to balance our carbs with a protein. >> yes. >> chicken bread stick, she said she was inspired. >> i was. >> by this res pea. >> super inspired, i was in new york last week with my husband and had a yummy barbecue pin apple recipe, i was like that would be good if bread sticks. >> what is not good if bread sticks. >> let’s be honest. >> i love it because you made this kind of lake a, i don’t know, jamaican, what is it? it is chicken and pineapple. it is delicious. >> it’s simple, that is what st. >> that is what you do. >> i will blow your mind, so i just used this pie crust that you can use whatever you want but it’s all in one sheet. and then i just cut it with this, you can use a knife. i just happened to have this. >> roller deal. >> that is nice. >> see how in perfectly even these are. >> they’re no



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