Chick In The Kitchen

Mother of 2 explains how to feed your family something other than the usual fast foods and pasta.
living in the suburbs of manhattan. and she’s trying to feed her family something more diverse than a different shape of pasta each night. than a different shape of pasta each night. she is dara murphy, also known as the chick in the kitchen. and that is — chick in the kitchen. that is the name of your web site. >> yes. >> what are we making today? >> we’re going to make it with beef, spicy sauteed chick pea with beef and cilantro. you can also make it with ground turkey, and also diced egg plants. >> vegetarian. >> absolutely. >> we have a couple of dishes we will talk about in a little bit.–can be made with ground beef or turkey, or even with diced eggplant for a vegetarian version.–brought a couple of prepared dishes… chocolate chip bana muffins –green bean & tofu stir fry for more information on dara mirsky and her blog, “chick in the kitchen”… come to our website… wtnh



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