Chick-Fil-A Dalton Locations

Kelsey Hammon from Dalton Chick-Fil-A shows Let’s Chatt about how they can meet all of your catering needs.
and before nixon and 4 more online to paris theater will sometimes bring the many national event and get-togethers and to wake and meet all of your katie and catering me help him in the dalton authentication join here this morning here this morning. you have done a beautiful job the things avenue lately as i look back and think about if rent activities and invent the identity like to lag it always the part of those national memories because they’ve been around for very long time and you did such a great job and i focus on they’ve got several things to talk about the catering today to the right is is cooking delicious. i know what grade is what you brought today will get into the catering okay yeah so this is just an example of a of birthdays bread. we do many different event know with the with mother’s day coming up in graduation. the right here we have our chocolate chunk cookie which a



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