Chicharron De Cerdo

We’re cooking Chicharron de Cerdo with Los Andes.
guys check itu out. >> i li ike it.. thanks so much, s court. let’s head into the kitchen now. >> this morning in thein kitchen, k we have flavor s from south americ a. am omar fromro los andes joing us. i’m not going to attempt to pronounce correctly what exactly you’re cooking this cngs morning. m tell me a little bit ab bout what’s going on here and we have extra special dessert. >> we’rere going to be doing chichu rron de ciron. this is the ciron, and thiss is the south american corn. we have topical cheese and we have spiced red onions, to tomatoes. harmony corn and we have some limes and salt and pepper and cilantro. we’re going to cook the t chichareron, and we’lln, w be making tomatoes, limes, peppers and pu at the chichaeron over it. >> what is going on g overve here? >> cheese, and a bana leaf, which gives it flavor when it’s done. >> i’ll have you svetop right there and this i



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