What do you do with chestnuts anyway? Chef Tom tells us!
>> well, you have undoubtedly heard of cooking with peanuts and almonds a. this is the chest nut, this is chef tom, there is a little more to this than perhaps roasting it on the open fire. >> you see these in the store this time of year, produce section, usually around with all the other nuts. they are a little more expensive. >> why are they more expensive. >> almost all of them are imported, only one% of the global chest nuts are grown in the united states. >> where do they come from? >> they come from a lot of italy, france, but there used to be a ton of chest nuts in the united states. then around the early 1900s, a blieght that wipes out 4 billion chest nut trees. they are all imported. fortunately, we are seeing new varieties coming back in that have resistance. you will see a lot more chest nuts, see the prices drop. you will see delicious chest nu become ready available. >> thes



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