Cherry Arugula Salad With Almonds

We’re cooking Cherry Arugula Salad with Almonds and Tarragon with Whole Foods.
o next trip. for no w we’ll headfow into the kitchen it see what’tcs cooking this morning. patrick what’s going on in in. >> a lot is going on in i here. we’re cooking with whole foods, we have holly and h bonnie, and you’re with whole foods, we’re talking about honey bees, b healthy foods, and we have a lote of stuff here. this is quite the interesting array of ingredients, so where redo we begin 70 let’s start with you, holly andyo talknd about whatou local foragers do. >> local foragers for wholewh foods markets go out into our community and seek out local ingredients, whether it be produce, or yogurts, sometimes we have locally madede handbags, salsas, books, beautiful photographs as well, so we –e that’s part of’st something thathi our market rdoeske to set us apart,, differ entiate us, so to speak. >> tha t’st’ a tough word this time of day. >> it’s early in the morning. i learned



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