Cher-Make Kabobs

Cher-Make kabobs
>> welcome back. i’m in the kitchen with tom, family owned company out of maputo week, making sausage for how long? >> 1928. >> just a few years? >> yeah, a little bit. >> you got it down. >> it took us a while. we got it. >> today’s show is all about end of summer fun. you have the most fun contest going on right now. tell us about this really neat campaign, faces on the places, right? >> faces in the cases. this here, we launched a whole new look for our brand. what we have there, we feature faces on the product. we wanted to do a different approach, talk about where we came from, so we have my grandfather on there. we have the authentic sausage maker. we think that’s important to communicate. we tried to capture who uses our product, the grand moms, the moms. the cross section of people. we have the pepper jack guy and brats. what else could we do, and there are a lot of great ideas.



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