Chemical In Beets Can Lower Blood Pressure

Beets really are good for you — so eat up!
Turns out one of those foods you’ve always been told is good for you really is. Scientists in england confirm that a chemical found in beats can help you beat one of the most common medical problems today. Mom was right about those beats. So eat up. Researchers from queen mary university of london found that the nitrate in beat root juice does help to lower blood pressure. Two years ago the same researchers found that drinking beat juice lowered blood pressure and the newly released study shows that it is the nitrate in the beats that help to do so. By increasing the gas night rick gas levels — [ indiscernible ] only a small amount of juice, about 250 million liters was needed to have an effect and it has an effect quickly. Within 24 hours of taking the juice or supplement, blood pressure decreases. The higher blood pressure levels at the beginning of the study were found to have the gr



Found Country:US