Chef’s Table: Tasty Summer Spinach Salad

Chef Dave Hatfield of Cafe 3456 at the Bend Airport prepares Warm Spinach Salad with Apples, Bacon and Morels.
that means it’s time for the chef’s table. let’s go back out live to the fairgrounds to nina for tonight’s recipe that unfortunately is not fair food, nina? cafe 34-56 at the bend airport is known for their breakfasts and lunches and chef dave hatfield does not disappoint today. he’s whipped up a warm bacon, spinach salad with in-season morel mushrooms and a super easy dressing. it’s what’s on the chef’s table tonight. be sure to visit webpage for all the recipes and ingredients used every week. it’s under the “my life” tab on ktvz.com and if you’re on twitter, follow us @ chefs table bend for updates and central oregon foodie news. we’ll be right back after this. ### that’s all the time



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