Chef’s Table Special: Opening A New Bend Restaurant

In a special edition of ‘The Chef’s Table,’ NewsChannel 21’s Nina Mehlhaf follows restaurateur Gavin McMichael through the process of creating his third downtown eatery, Gatsby’ Brasserie.
restaurant is one of the toughest industries to make money in. between 25-30- percent of them fail within their first year according to university studies. but there’s been one chef who’s managed to weather the economic storm when everyone else has closed. restauranteur gavin mcmichael, owner of the blacksmith and bourbon street. he’s just opened his third kitchen in downtown bend, called gatsby’s brasserie and bar, and i followed him through the process to find out his secret to staying in business. 32:32 “welcome to gatsby’s, this is our project.” bend restaurateur gavin mcmichael has a new baby. formerly marz bistro on minnesota avenue, mcmichael bought the ailing project and had an ambitious goal “we’re doing the floors today.” flip it, with a whole new look 33:30-:34 “we painted the ceiling all cream, it used to be all dark.” new paint, new lighting, new bar 35:51-36:00 “then we’ll



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