Chefs Stephen Kalil & Debbie Gold

We talk with Chef Stephen Kalil and Chef Debbie Gold to hear how the Taste of the NFL party helps raise money for Feeding America, and how one large company is making its food more natural.
>>> two days until the super bowl. it is the second biggest food day of the year. we are talking about big game flavor and getting a taste of the nfl. jessica and steven khalil thank you for havings. >> thank you. >>> chef gold let’s start with you. you are from american restaurant not far from us in oha in kansas city. why did you want to be part of the taste of the nfl. >> i have been a part of the taste of nfl about 10 years now. it is a great way to get a bunch of chefs together and raise money to kick hunger. >> unfortunately for us, that helmet in front of you is the best the poor cheese will do in terms of income dallas. chef khalil you are part of frito lay kitchen. what’s your role with the nfl. >> we definitely want to create awareness two weeks before the super bowl frito lay ups the production by 5 million pounds. we announced half of the part folio will go to all natural. we



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