Chefs G. Garvin & Helen Roberts

If you’re looking to bring some comfort food to your kitchen, we’ve got the two chefs that can help. Shawn talked with Chef G. Garvin & Helen Roberts, whipping up some delicious dishes in the kitchen.
>>> welcome back. this morning we’re bringing you five ways to bring comfort food to your kitchen with the help of two chefs. here to help us spice up our favorites, chef robinson and gar garvin. >> thank you. >> i want to know your favorite foods. mine is mac and cheese. >> we got you covered on that today. >> shawn: oh, good. >> i like it al. when you say comfort food it makes me think of family, of old times and new times. so i like all of the stuff because it’s not just about the food. it’s about spending time with the family. >> shawn: i know there’s a different way to spice up our comfort foods. how do we do it, kick it a kick. >> today the kick is kkoman product. we have sauce for the pork loin. you got that, orange juice, which is very good and this is a new way to do pork. where i’m from you bake it, smother, it fry it, sandwiches. brown sugar, i have fresh herbs, rosemary and t



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