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White chicken chili
>> tracy: well, if you don’t know by now the kitchens by design, and you’re not watching “indy style,” shame on you. we’re giving you good reason today. chef lucas is here from the chef academy. >> thanks for having me. >> tracy: you’re here for chef tony. >> he went down for the super bowl with a taste of the nfl. >> tracy: what is he making there? >> i’m not sure if he knew until he got there. >> tracy: that sounds about right. >> he does like a wing it. >> andi: he does. what are you making for us today. >> we’re doing white chicken chili. we’ve got the pan nice and hot. the chicken diced up, red pepper for color, the onions are diced. the tomatillos, i got those out of the can. >> andi: what are those exactly? >> they’re like a green tomato. and they even, it says green tomato. i don’t i don’t know, i have never used it. >> tracy: a little exotic. >> andi: yeah. >> you can hear the s



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