Chef/Author Suzanne Pirret

Chef/Author Suzanne Pirret discusses the joys of cooking for one
food for modern life. suzanne joins us rightnow. welcome. >> hello desire and sonia. >> what are you making today? >> it is like a girly fest here. >> little portions for one person of a warm chocolate fondant. it sounds — >> an eighth of a portion for me. i’m angry — >> that is – >> start with a hot pan. smoking. >> okay. >> half a cup — let this col down a bit. we do this in the microwave. this book is about no equipment. i don’t have a microwave, a pan, bowl, whisk, that’s all you need. tablespoon of butter and put it in the bowl. >> there we go. >> you are cooking, arranging everything. >> i love it. >> a quarter of a cup of confection sugar. >> stick that right in there. >> whisk that together. >> i’m the resident whisker. >> very slowly. >> as she does that, tell us, i think the promise of your bok is that i think more and more people are waiting later in life to get married. a



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