Chef Wendell: Winter Vegetable Stew

Recipe developed by Chef Wendell FowlernEat Right, Now!
making healthy stew. >> yes, yes, a little stew. you know, this is a vegetable stew. >> uh-huh. >> smells delicious. >> it does. >> we’re using winter spices. like nutmeg, cinnamon, and a little hand low pena pepper. >> what have you got in there? >> right now i’m browning onions in some smart balance oil just to let people know there are alternatives out there. >> not to drink. >> no, not to drink. that will loosen you right up. lube i indicate you baby, there you go. but anyway, you know, i’m seeing that hoosiers are starting to eat better. i was down in martinsville thursday night and there were 100 people there at least and i was so impressed with how healthy they were. so a big shout out to my martinsville homies out there because you all get it and hoosiers are starting to get green in their diet and that’s a beautiful thing. >> parcelsly. >> that’s going to be the final thing. >>



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