Chef Wendell: Sweet And Sour Spicy Slaw

Chef Wendell: Sweet and Sour Spicy Slaw
also a day where people take their grills outside. >> you bet. >> they start to grill out. >> absoluty. >> we’re making a simple coleslaw today. >> this is the al-you-can-eat meat competition today. sometimes when we eat that kind of meat, it’s wonderful. i’ll even cook it for you, bless your heart. on the other hand, does create a lot of toxicity in the body. so cabbage come to the rescue. so add cabage to the menu today. >> the simple way ofdoing it. >> okay. simply buy yourself some fresh cabbage. buy because the baged stuff is okay in a pinch. but it’s been sitting around for awhile, daniel. bymeans it’s lost the nutrition. i got my fod processer. all i did basically was i put a little bit of fiber in there. fiber cabbage in there. indeed, if you want this to be successful, chop what you make the coleslaw out of it. first, a little bit. otherwise, you want to pulse this so much. it w



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